Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bad Music Video Project

This movie gave me motivation to do my laundry and on the plus side doing my laundry and cleaning up was my homework! Also, once I was done cleaning i figured it'd be a good idea to relax by pampering myself!

Here is my video:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jessica Hische

In class on Wednesday, October 27th, we listened to a lecture by Jessica Hische.  She graduated from Tyler in 2006 and works with typography and illustration.  Her success is mostly from her typography.  Also, she is working on her 12th alphabet of type that she does for fun in her free time.  I really enjoyed this lecture.  Jessica's life sound very busy, but it pays off because her work is amazing.  I loved her text pieces and it makes me want to try it out as soon as possible.  I want to major in graphic design and work mostly as an illustrator.  I illustrated a children's book this summer and I liked it a lot.  Jessica's input on working hard and how to get through the 4 years at Tyler really helped.  If I can do something like Jessica's work for a living I would be eternally happy.

Lecture - October 26th

The speaker this week was Ben Volta, who is an artist living in Philadelphia.  He has a studio with eight other people at a complex or school gym, which has other levels of rooms and spaces.  He works with public school teachers by helping them link art to learning.  This summer he created a mural project where he helped artists of all ages from the City of Philadelphia Murals Art Program create a huge mural, photographed above.  These patterns represent consumption, loss, and memory.  Most of his projects deal with learning, life skill development, and creativity.  I found his projects to be very inspiring and a good life experience.  It would be great to be involved in one of these projects for a summer.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lecture - October 19th

John Thompson spoke about how he created architectural structures, but only sections of a complete structure.  He started out as a carpenter and now does architectural pieces.  Also, his studio is in the basement of his grandfather's bakery.  In his studio he likes to be alone to focus and create/make.  His art seemed very interesting to me especially how he would only take a section of a piece of architecture to recreate.